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Three Steve Martin comedies. In 'Housesitter' (1992), architect Newton Davis (Martin) designs and builds a dream house for himself and his childhood sweetheart - but she turns down his proposal of marriage. Devastated, he gets drunk and falls into bed with waitress Gwen (Goldie Hawn), who also happens to be a compulsive liar. Having put the house on the market, Newton returns home to find his one-night-stand well and truly ensconced, posing as his wife and charming his friends and family... 'Parenthood' (1989) explores the trials and tribulations of family life, as seen through the eyes of three generations. Gil Buckman (Martin) is a father rather too determined to give his kids the love and care which had been withheld from him as a child. Meanwhile, his Yuppie brother-in-law Nathan (Rick Moranis) is preparing his three-year-old daughter for life in the fast lane by an accelerated learning programme which causes her to miss out on the more basic joys of childhood. Gil's sister Helen (Dianne Wiest), a single parent, struggles to control her uncommunicative son and wild daughter, while black sheep of the family Larry (Tom Hulce) returns to sponge off his father Frank (Jason Robards) in order to pay off gambling debts. 'Roxanne' (1987) is a comic update of the 'Cyrano de Bergerac' story. Martin plays CD Bales, a sensitive, articulate fireman with an unusually long nose. He falls for newly-arrived beautiful astronomer Roxanne (Darryl Hannah) but, feeling himself unworthy of her love, resigns himself to securing her affections for Chris (Rick Rossovich), a shy, stupid but better-looking fellow fireman.

3 Film Box Set Housesitter Parenthood Roxanne DVD STYPUPSNC

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