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Compatible products replacing LC-223BK (Black), LC-223C (Cyan / Blue), LC-223M (Red / Magenta), LC-223Y (Yellow), other manufacturer numbers: LC223C, LC223BK, LC223M, LC223YDelivery contents and capacity/coverage: 8x Ink Cartridge (2x Black with each aprox. 15 ml, 2x Cyan/Blue with each aprox. 10 ml, 2x Red/Magenta with each aprox. 10 ml, 2x Yellow with each aprox. 10 ml), information about coverage based on prints with 5% page coverage on A4For use in Brother DCP-J 4120 (DW), DCP-J 562 (DW), MFC-J 1140 (W), MFC-J 1150 (DW), MFC-J 1170 (DW), MFC-J 1180 (DWT), MFC-J 4420 (DW), MFC-J 4425 (DW), MFC-J 4620 (DW), MFC-J 4625 (DW), MFC-J 480 (DW), MFC-J 5320 (DW), MFC-J 5620 (DW), MFC-J 5625 (DW), MFC-J 5720 (DW), MFC-J 680 (DW), MFC-J 880 (DW), DCP-J4120DW, DCP-J562DW, MFC-J1140W, MFC-J1150DW, MFC-J1170DW, MFC-J1180DWT, MFC-J4420DW, MFC-J4425DW, MFC-J4620DW, MFC-J4625DW, MFC-J480DW, MFC-J5320DW, MFC-J5620DW, MFC-J5625DW, MFC-J5720DWMFC-J680DW, MFC-J880DWEurotone: Huge selection of compatible products and accessories for your printer. 100% compatible und perfectly fitting. Strict quality directives and rigid inspections ensure top quality and hassle-free products! Just unbox, install and continue printing.

8x Eurotone Cartridges for Brother MFC-J880 MFC-J1140 MFC-J480 DCP-J562 MFC-J5625 MFC-J4625 MFC-J680 MFC-J5320 replaces LC-223 CMYK

Contained products

2x Ink Cartridge BLACK XXL compatible with Brother LC-223BK, with each aprox. 15 ml
2x Ink Cartridge CYAN XXL compatible with Brother LC-223C, with each aprox. 10 ml
2x Ink Cartridge MAGENTA XXL compatible with Brother LC-223M, with each aprox. 10 ml
2x Ink Cartridge YELLOW XXL compatible with Brother LC-223Y, with each aprox. 10 ml

All information about coverage/pages is based on prints with 5% page coverage on A4.

Compatible printers

Brother DCP-J
DCP-J 4120 DW / DCP-J 562 DW

Brother MFC-J
MFC-J 4425 DW / MFC-J 5720 DW / MFC-J 1140 W / MFC-J 680 DW / MFC-J 4420 DW / MFC-J 5320 DW / MFC-J 1170 DW / MFC-J 880 DW / MFC-J 1150 DW / MFC-J 1180 DWT / MFC-J 5625 DW / MFC-J 5620 DW / MFC-J 4625 DW / MFC-J 480 DW / MFC-J 4620 DW

Also fitting into all printers that specify compatibility with above listed products in their manual.

2x Eurotone Cartridges for HP 1410XI F2290 4314 F2212 F2224 3915 J3635 4359 3910 D1530 F350 D1520 F375 D2451 F2185 D2460 D2340 F2280 replaces 21XL BK CJEPBSFJV

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