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3-year manufacturer's warranty20x alternative ink cartridges-8x Black, 4x Cyan, 4x M, 4x Y.Compatible Printer Accessories-Not an Original.Compatible with Brother Printers. For optimum prints with no compromises.High quality Chipped Compatibles from the office line series.

Alternative Printer Accessory.
Printer Accessory with a 3-year warranty (see warranty declaration) For Giving You Peace Of Mind In printing.
By using the high quality products from the house of 123COLOR so if you have no loss of valuable Printer Warranty and enjoy all the benefits with no compromises.
20x Compatible Brother LC-123/121/LC INK CARTRIDGES. 8x Black, 4x Cyan, 4x Magenta, 4x Yellow. Ink cartridges from the high quality office line series-for that delivers optimal contrast balance even under high print resolution.
Compatible Ink Sealed and tested on the market. The ink cartridges are produced according to DIN standards and tested to ensure print quality and colour intensity. Print quality and use like the original but so much less expensive.
20x brand new compatible Brother ink cartridges (8x black, 4x cyan, 4x magenta, 4x yellow).
Compatible with the following models:
Brother DCP-J: DCP-J 132W, DCP-J 150, DCP-J 152W, DCP-J 152WR/DCP-J 552DW, DCP-J 752DW, DCP-J 4110DW, DCP-J 4110W, DCP-J 552DW/DCP DCP-J 752DW/
Brother MFC-J: MFC-J 245/MFC-J 285DW/MFC-J 470DW, MFC-J 475DW, MFC-J 650DW, MFC-J 870DW, MFC-J 875DW/MFC-J 970DW/MFCMFC-J 4310DW, MFC-J 4410DW, MFC-J 4510DW, MFC-J 4610DW, MFC-J 4710DW, MFC-J 6520DW, MFC-J 6720DW/MFC-J 6920DW/MFC-J 870DW/
8x Cartridges Black (LC 121/LC 123) each 30ml
4x ink cartridges Cyan (LC 121/LC 123)-15ml
4x ink cartridges magenta (LC 121/LC 123)-15ml
4x ink cartridges yellow (LC 121/LC 123) each 15ml ink cartridges from the high quality office line series
Additional Notes
Instantly despatched within 1-2days.
3year guarantee (see our warranty statement).
For giving you peace of mind in printers experience.
Save on the price does not have the quality.

20x XXL Ink Cartridges for Epson WorkForce WF7110 Detroit Workforce WF7600 Series C13T27054010 T2705 Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Print Pro Series ILTJZDOUN

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