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You dont need to fix this parking sensor set wire from the back of the vehicle to front,but it ues wireless technology to communicate between the control box at the rear of the vehicleand the front displayer. the displayer is also a colour LED,and you simply just need to plug it into cigarette light socket or connect power directly.The effiective distance of the displayer is around 15 metres from the main centre control unit.

Size of the screen: 5.3cm(H) X 8.2cm (W) X 2cm(D) and visual size: 3.8cm X 5.9cm,A buzzer is built in the unit with switch for turn the sound on/off. it can be used for any Car, Estate, 4*4, Van, HGV's, Caravans, Trailers and Motorhomes etc. The buzzer sound in different frequency according to different distances. Details shown in the table: Specifications: 1. Wireless CPU to display communications, there are not any wire between the main board and the display. 2. Digital LED showing obstacle distance 3. Alarm by Bi-Bi sound 4. LED display with three colors (Red, yellow & green) 5. Crescent shape digital display screen 6. Turn on/off the voice according to your desire 7. High quality and easy to install. Technical Parameters: 1. Rated Voltage: 12V DC 2. Operating Range: 10.5V~ 16V DC 3. Rated Current: 50mA~ 180mA 4. Detecting Distance: 0.3~ 2.0m 5. Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz 6. HF Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz 7. Display Working Temperature: -30 ~ +70 Kid includes: Wireless digital LED display with fused cigarette light plug. Centre control box with power cable to connect reversing light. 4 sensors, can be colour coated,sprayed and painted.

15m 15 Meters Range Wireless Rear Car Reverse Reversing parking Senbsor 4 sensors & LCD dispaly Black BZRZBFMFO

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