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3-year manufacturer's warrantyXL ink set-black = 35ml-Colour 30ml (Compatible Printer Accessories-Not an Original.Compatible with Lexmark N. 70+ 20cartridges. For optimum prints with no compromises.Compatible ink cartridges, can be used in the same way as the original.

Alternative Printer Accessory.
Printer Accessory with a 3-year warranty (see warranty declaration) For Giving You Peace Of Mind In printing.
By using the high quality products from the house of 123COLOR so if you have no loss of valuable Printer Warranty and enjoy all the benefits with no compromises.
XL ink set (Compatible with).
Compatible Ink Sealed and tested in premiumqualitt.
Compatible Lexmark 12AX970E + 15MX120E (70+ 20Set) set
Compatible with the following models:
Brother MFC 7050°C/
Compaq 1400P, A 1000, A 1200, A 1500, A 3000, A 4000, A 900, IJ 1200, IJ 300, IJ 700, IJ 750, IJ 900/
Kodak Personal Picture Maker 100/personal picture maker 120/PPM (100/PPM 120/
Lexmark Colorjetprinter 3200/Colorjetprinter 5000/Colorjetprinter 5700/Colorjetprinter 5770/Colorjetprinter 7000/Colorjetprinter 7200/Colorjetprinter 7200V/F 4250/F 4260/F 4270/F 4290/Optra Color 40/Optra Color 40N/Optra Color 45/Optra Color 45N/P 120/P 122/X 125/X 125M/X 125PRO/X 4200Series/4250/X 4260/X 4270/X 4280, X 63, X 70X 71X 73/X/80/X 82X 83X 83M/X 84/X 85/X 85PRO/Z 11/Z 31/Z 41/Z 42/Z 43/Z 44/Z 45/Z 45SE/Z 46/Z 51/Z 52/Z 53/Z 54/Z 54SE/Z 82/
LSK CD Printer IV/
Olympia CP 1000/of 7900/OM 7500/OM 7800/
Samsung MJ 4500°C/MyJet plus MJC 1030I/MyJet plus MJC 1130I/MyJet plus MJC 2300°C/MyJet plus MJC 2500°C/MyJet plus MJC 2700/MyJet plus MJC 3000/MyJet plus MJC 3300/Msys 4700/Msys 4800/SCX 1000/SCX 1000S/SCX 1100/SCX 1150/SCX 1150°F/SF 3150/SF 430/SF 4300/4500/SF 4500°C/SF 4700/4750/SF 4750°C/SF/4800/Smart Jet/Smart Jet Color/
Sindoricoh Color CAP 1000/
TEAC Roboflex 1/
Contents: Black = 35ml, Colour 30ml (
For giving you peace of mind in printers experience.
Save on the price does not have the quality.

10x Ink cartridges for Brother LC 223 225 LC-LC 227 J5600 J5620 DW J5625 DW MFC J5720 DW Economy Pack Colour Pro Series DBUUQUJKB

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